HUGO/Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy

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The HUGO™, a High-Intensity PEMF device, represents a cutting-edge innovation in the field of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Fields (PEMFs). Unlike traditional electrotherapies, PEMFs don't require direct contact with the body, offering non-invasive treatment. These magnetic fields induce changes within cells, leading to enhanced circulation, oxygenation, and energy production, consequently accelerating the healing process and reducing pain.

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PEMF technology

PEMFs have gained recognition over the years, with FDA approvals for various medical applications, ranging from treating non-union fractures to addressing depression and anxiety. Notably, even Olympic teams are incorporating PEMFs into their routines to enhance performance and aid recovery without violating anti-doping regulations. The HUGO™ stands out due to its high intensity and unique design, setting a new standard in PEMF technology.

Chiropractic Algona IA HUGO Machine

It utilizes a 'sandwich' design for full-body sessions, doubling the electromagnetic field's power compared to regular devices. Its versatility allows for multiple application methods simultaneously, catering to different client needs. One of the significant advantages of the HUGO™ is its efficiency, providing profound effects in a shorter time frame compared to low-intensity PEMFs. In just a 12-minute session, it floods the body with energy, promoting healing and regeneration. Client satisfaction with the HUGO™ is high, attributed to its deep yet gentle effects. Users often report a pleasant experience during sessions, wanting to prolong them due to the noticeable benefits.


Quality is paramount with the HUGO™, boasting superior construction using high-quality materials. The device's effectiveness is backed by testimonials, including the CEO's personal experience, where a single session visibly improved blood health. Understanding the mechanisms behind PEMFs reveals their profound impact on cellular function. By optimizing cell membrane potentials and enhancing ATP production, PEMFs promote healing, improve immune function, and reduce the aging process. The benefits of high-intensity PEMFs extend across various domains, including beauty, athletic performance, pain management, immune support, energy levels, neurological and endocrine health, metabolism, and healing and regeneration processes. In conclusion, the HUGO™ represents a pinnacle in PEMF technology, offering a safe, effective, and versatile solution for enhancing health and well-being across a spectrum of applications.

Chiropractic Algona IA HUGO